Consultations concluded

7. Green Energy (2018)

At what point is the production of energy from renewable sources in Italy? What are the costs and benefits, risks and opportunities, regulatory obstacles and legislative interventions necessary to quintuple, by 2030, the green energy produced and consumed in our country? The new European directive on the promotion of renewable energy use foresees a 32% share of "green" production in all EU Member States in the next 12 years, together with a reduction in the cost of electricity and the right to self-production, self-consumption and energy storage.

The Senate Committee for Industry, Commerce and Tourism launched a public consultation on Support for productive activities through the use of systems for the generation, storage and self-consumption of electricity. A total of 480 participants answered the online questionnaire on three key issues: closed distribution systems (CDS); generation, storage and self-consumption of energy from renewable sources in condominiums and other buildings; renewable energy communities (Local Energy Communities - LEC).

Out of 277 fully completed questionnaires - now being examined by the Senate offices - 67 percent were presented by individual citizens (185 contributions), while 33 percent (92 questionnaires) were the result of participation by public authorities, companies, universities, research centres and governmental and non-governmental entities.

The contributions will be made public in full and will help the Committee in drafting the resolution that, by way of the Presidency of the Senate, will be sent to the Government to inform the adaptation of national law to the upcoming "renewables directive" that will guide the legislation of the Member States of the Union from 2020 to 2030.

Assigned matter no. 59- Support for production activities through the use of systems for the generation, storage and self-consumption of electricity

6. Femicide (2017)

What has changed for Italian women with the approval of anti-feminicide rules? Are the new provisions on gender-based violence effective? Have the murders and assaults decreased? Is Italy implementing the Istanbul Convention? The parliamentary committee of inquiry into feminicide carried out a consultation to collect data and analyse the outcome of all criminal proceedings between 2011 and 2016 where the alleged victim was "a woman over the age of 14": in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, a 48-point questionnaire was forwarded to all the General Public Prosecutor's offices by way of the Public Prosecutor's Offices and the Court of Appeals. The questionnaire was also sent to the Public Prosecutor's Office at the Supreme Court and to the Supreme Court itself.

Final Report


5. Defence White Paper (2017)

Reorganisation of the heads of the Ministry of Defence and related structures, delegation to the Government for the revision of the operational model and of the professional model of the Armed Forces, reorganisation of the training system: in June 2017 the 4th Committee (Defence) invited input on parliamentary bill no. 2728. Participants included institutional entities, former political and military officials, industry experts, think tanks and trade unions, for a total of 15 well-qualified contributions.

Defence Consultation

4. Caregivers (2017)

Carried out by the 11th Committee (Labour), this consultation began on 10 February 2017 and concerned the draft laws on the recognition of the family caregiver (nos. 2048, 2128 and 2266). Forty-three associations and some private subjects were involved. The contributions have not been made public.

3. Circular Economy (2016)

Poor attention to separate waste collection; unclear definitions for "urban waste", "end of waste" and "by-products"; the need for greater clarity regarding the entities involved, the responsibilities of manufacturers and operational costs: the consultation on the European Commission's package of proposals on the circular economy pointed out a number of critical issues. Carried out between 1 February and 31 March 2016 by the 13th Committee (Environment, Environmental Properites and the Land), it received 55 contributions, both public and private.


2. Early Retirees not Entitled to a Pension (2015)

"Have a definite picture of the situation" and "then prepare the necessary measures to solve the problem in the most satisfactory way": with these objectives, in 2015 the Sub-Committee on laid off workers who accepted a higher severance pay in exchange for a delayed pension published a questionnaire on the web platform of the Labour Committee. 1,645 people responded. The management and collection of responses was carried out in collaboration with ISTAT, the National Institute of Statistics.

1. Italian Quality (2014)

The first public consultation of the 17th Parliament took place from 28 January to 21 March 2014 on the occasion of the preliminary investigation on draft law no. 1061 ("Italian Quality" Trademark). At the traditional hearings, the 10th Committee (Industry) supported a consultation via email, inviting a selected list of stakeholders, 350 in all, to express their assessments and proposals. The documentation received was not made public but was only available to senators.

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