Public Consultations

Foto Consultazioni pubbliche

In the Senate

Impartiality, correct communications, accessibility, inclusion, transparency, openness, clarity, protection of confidentiality, timeliness, structuring and confirmation of results: these are the 11 principles that the Senate, the first parliamentary assembly in Europe to do so, has adopted as guidelines in its consultative procedures.

Ever since the beginning of the 17th Parliament (2013-2018), the Senate had increasingly used the instrument of consultations.

Through an examination of these experiences and with the support of a specific public consultation that received more than 100 contributions from 9 March to 30 April 2017, the Senate has set out the most effective principles and procedures for ensuring the correct participation by citizens in its activities.

The institutional process that followed the consultation was very fast: after examination by the Conference of group leaders, the guidelines were announced by the President at the sitting on 12 September.


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