Assessing for the Public

Foto La valutazione a portata dei cittadini

The works of the Impact Assessment Office are not just meant for insiders. The authors want to make their studies accessible to as many stakeholders as possible (MPs, journalists, legislative offices, researchers, students, citizens), using a clear language, easy to understand.

The dossiers always have an abstract in English and some are directly written in English: that's a positive novelty in the field of parliamentary documentation, even more so in a country where foreign languages are not used much.

On the website www.senato.it/ufficiovalutazioneimpatto - created by the IT technicians of the Senate - each dossier features a short version (Focus), infographics, FAQs and video-interviews with the authors: this too is a way to break free from the inner circle of experts and reach out to a vaster audience.


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Papers, topics and authors: the firt report on UVI's activity


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