Knowledge before decision

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"Learn, discuss and then decide". In the most famous of his "Useless Sermons", Luigi Einaudi, the great economist and second President of the Italian Republic, posed the question that is still crucial for all lawmakers: "Is deciding without knowing of any use?". His answer was clear: no, it is not. "Hasty laws beget new laws meant to amend and perfect; but since the new ones stem from the urgent need to remedy the flaws of the badly designed ones, they are inapplicable, unless enforced through subterfuges, requiring further perfection, thus becoming one big entangled knot, which nobody can undo (...)".

Evaluation is the tool that, while not replacing the political decision in the democratic circuit, allows lawmakers to decide wittingly, taking duly informed decisions. The goal of the assessment is not to bias the lawmakers, rather to educate them as to the consequences of their decisions, hence promoting knowledge and information transparency, which are crucial aspects of the decision-making process.


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