Press Accreditation

Journalists registered with the Associazione Stampa Parlamentare (ASP) may follow Senate sittings from the workstations in the press room (Sala Stampa, on the first floor of Palazzo Madama) or from the press gallery (Tribuna Stampa) overlooking the Senate chamber. The ASP pass should be visibly worn on outermost garment at all times in the Senate.

Professional journalists who are not members of ASP and foreign journalists may apply for a day pass from A day pass may also be obtained to attend press conferences and other events held in Palazzo Madama.

In case of events in Palazzo Giustiniani or in other Senate outbuildings, journalists may apply for a day pass from the Senate press office (, giving their name, surname, place and date of birth, journalist card number, name of media organisation.

Photographers and radio and TV crew may apply for a day pass from They should indicate:

  • given name and surname
  • place and date of birth
  • number, place and date of issue, expiry date of a valid identity document
  • address and phone number (in case of communications)
  • media organisation they are working for
  • date and event (plenary or committee sitting, press conference, workshop)

(Update: 14 March 2014)