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What the 14th Standing Committee on EU Policies does

National non-legislative measures (subject to committeeor Senate approval)

The 14th Committee (EU Policies) may adopt resolutions to guide Government action on matters referred to it. This power has been exerted more than once over the years, especially with reference to Council and Commission legislative and operational proposals. On such occasions, the Government was able to receive the 14th Committee's opinion on such measures. The Committee may table its resolutions to the whole Senate, in order to let such measure receive the full endorsement of the Senate as a recommendation to the Government.

For the purposes of monitoring Government action, the 14th Committee, like all other committees, may gather information on matters within its terms of reference from both European Parliament and Commission officials.

The 14th Standing Committee also participates in the Conference of Community Affairs Committees of EU Parliaments (COSAC).

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