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Foto Production
30 Nov 2017

Excise duties on energy products, taxes on vehicles, noise, pollution and natural resources: environmental taxes paid by Italian residents ensured revenues totalling 53.1 billion Euros in 2013. Is it possible to quantify the environmental costs borne by the community, namely, the damage to the environment and health caused by pollution sources related to household and enterprise activities, and compare them with the environmental taxes paid by the same activities?

26 Jul 2017

The Senate of the Republic and the Finance Police (Guardia di Finanza) have drafted a report on counterfeit Made in Italy products, highlighting a phenomenon that jeopardises health, security, the Italian productive systems and that is proliferating thanks to the Internet. Over the last five years (2012-2016), the Finance Police has conducted 60,000 judicial police actions, seized one billion products worth 10.8 billion Euros and put down 1,614 websites (620 in 2016 alone).


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