Public partnerships. Why has it not been possible to complete the census yet?

Foto Partecipate pubbliche. Perché finora non si è riusciti a completare il censimento?

For public administration offices, the deadline for submitting the extraordinary review of all the public partnerships held is 30 September 2017. Furthermore, they must present their rationalisation plans, divestment plans and the picture of possible personnel lay-offs.

It is an important action, considering that for years we have been trying to complete the map, which is crucial for sorting out the system of public partnership companies. On an international level, the OECD has set some clear guidelines on information transparency, but in Italy the regulation stands out for its fragmentation, which has hindered transparency and simplification. Only recently has there been some sorting out, which has led to the Single Act of 2016 and to the extraordinary review.

But how many public partnership companies are there? How much do they earn? In 2014 the spending review special commissioner identified four different databanks, each one providing different figures on the world of public partnerships. This is the picture offered by the Treasury Department, which over 10,000 public administration offices account to. But too many have failed to do so.


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