How much does the Senate work? Goals, new services and performance evaluation in the spending review era

Foto Quanto si lavora in Senato? Obiettivi, nuovi servizi e valutazione delle performance in epoca di spending review

The evaluation of civil servants has become increasingly relevant in recent years. The process can be defined as work in progress: from the introduction, in 2009, of the public administration performance measurement and evaluation system to the so-called Madia reform in 2015, which was enforced with Legislative Decree no. 74 of 2017, it has been constantly modified.

This paper describes the individual performance assessment system, by analysing the functions and organisation of the Senate staff through the theoretical and methodological tools of performance management. Through an analysis of individual performance and, to a lesser degree, organisational performance, what emerges is that Senate staff over the last ten years, notwithstanding a reduction of human (-40%) and financial resources (-32% in real terms) have increased the services provided, thanks to increased dedication and commitment. Shrinking staff numbers have however had negative effects on the average age of staff and a point has now been reached where efficiency may not be increased in a situation of dwindling resources and unchanged tasks. Possible solutions and prospects are suggested.


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