Master’s degree in “Analysis and Evaluation of Public Policies”

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Lawmakers increasingly need to rely on accurate information concerning the efficient use of public resources. Has the called-for change actually come about? If so, should credit be given to the resources used or would a positive outcome have occurred anyway? Who did it benefit? Could it have been possible to do better?

Training experts capable of assisting political bodies in drafting and assessing public policies - through monitoring and analysis procedures that are rigorously based on counter-factual and experimental methodologies - is the goal of the first Italian Master's degree in AVPP (Analysis and Evaluation of Public Policies).

Born in 2016 from a cooperation between the Senate of the Republic and the Conference of the Presidents of the Regions and of Autonomous Provinces, together with the University Ca' Foscari in Venice, it can boast the contribution of renowned excellence hubs, such as the Institute of Evaluative Research on Public Policies (IRVAPP), the Bruno Kessler Foundation and the Association for the Development of Evaluation and Analysis of Public Policies (ASVAPP).
The first edition trained 27 evaluators (17 women and 10 men).

Anyone with a post-graduate title (higher than a BA) or with a research doctorate (PhD) may enrol, as well as practitioners who wish to increase and enrich their expertise. Lessons are held in Rome, in the rooms made available by the Senate.

The cornerstone of the training project is counter-factual evaluation (Counterfactual Impact Evaluation, CIE), which represents a fundamental international methodological benchmark that must be complied with in order to produce solid empirical evidence on a policy's effects.

Contacts and info


· enrolment information: Organising Secretariat - Ca' Foscari Challenge School:
tel. 041 234 6853 (from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm)
fax 041 234 6801

· information on lessons schedule and didactics:
tel. 041 234 6856


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