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The Senate buildings - Palazzo Madama (First floor)

Geopolitics Room

This Room that houses books and periodicals on geopolitics was inaugurated by former Senate President Marcello Pera on 7th March 2006. It is located near the Main Chamber and was part of the Senate Library before it was moved to Palazzo della Minerva.

The room is characterised by the combination of an historical setting, with the restored original furniture and decoration, and modern technology: 24 PC stations on ancient desks with access to all Library web services but, especially, the databanks specialised in geopolitics.

On the shelves, over 4,000 books are organised in sections to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for without needing assistance. The sequence of the sections is: first repertories and search instruments (atlases, bibliographies, chronologies, dictionaries and specialised encyclopaedias) and essays that deal with the subject generally; then there are sections devoted to the geopolitical situation in the different regions of the world and specific subjects of particular interest such as defence, diplomacy, human rights, economics, migration, nuclear energy, new technologies, international relations, religions, natural resources, history, military strategy and terrorism. A collection of essential maps completes the series of tools at the disposal of users, together with a selection of consultation books of history and law.

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