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The Senate buildings - Palazzo Madama (First floor)

Pannini Hall

This hall already existed when an opportunity was afforded to salvage a fresco painted in 1725-26 by Pannini (1691-1765), then located in Palazzo Bachetoni in Via del Tritone, which was doomed to be pulled down under the 1926 Urban Development Plan. The hall that formerly housed the painting was narrower and longer than that in Palazzo Madama. It was therefore necessary to reduce the length of the fresco and add a tempera border. Modifications, integrations and retouches were subsequently made by Prof. Giovanni Costantini.

In the centre of the ceiling, a Sun Chariot is enveloped in thick clouds from which imaginary architecture, aerial perspectives, allegorical figures, putti, amphorae and garlands of flowers radiate.

In this room, the Senate Bureau and the Conference of Parliamentary Group Leaders hold their meetings.

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