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The Senate buildings - Palazzo Madama (First floor)

Garibaldi Hall (also known as 'Italia Hall')

This large hall was created in the early 30's by pulling down a partition wall which stood in line with the second window counting from the Risorgimento Hall. The coffered ceiling is modern. The frieze is a fresco dating back to the 17th century; its motifs are not in sequence, since they were originally painted for two separate rooms and, judging from certain details, they were the work of two different artists. Putti and lions feature in the part adjacent to the Senators' Lounge and female figures predominate in the other section. They are all arranged around historical frescoes, which were originally eight, but the two that were painted on the partition wall were removed and arranged in the Cavour Hall.

A typical 12th century fortified tower enclosed in the surrounding buildings erected later, the Crescenzi Tower, is visible from one of the windows.

The seascape "Black and Blue" (2003) by Piero Guccione was placed in this room in 2003. Against the opposite wall is the bust of Giuseppe Garibaldi, the hero of the Italian Risorgimento who originally gave the name to the hall.

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