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How to get Senate publications

The http://www.senato.it/application/xmanager/projects/senato/img/ico_pdf.gifCatalogo delle pubblicazioni (Catalogue of publications) (1,16 MB) includes:

1. The publications on sale at the Senate InformEduc@tion Centre and Bookshop and relevant prices, that can be purchased:
a) personally, at the InformEduc@tion Centre (Via della Maddalena, 27)
b) ordering them by mail, phone, fax or e-mail and paying them with:
- a bank transfer to the "Senato della Repubblica-Centro informazioni" account (bank: BNL - branch office: Agenzia del Senato - IBAN: IT 57 I 01005 03373 000000006828)
- a deposit on "Senato della Repubblica - Libreria" post account nr. 76339001. The items ordered will be shipped once payment, including mailing charges, has been received.

2. The publications available in pdf format on the page "Novità editoriali" of the Senate website www.senato.it

3. The publications available on request in electronic format. The request can be directly made at the Senate InformEduc@tion Centre and Bookshop or sent by

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