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The Senate buildings - Palazzo Madama (Ground floor)

Courtyard of Honour

During the renovation works of mid-17th century, Architect Paolo Marucelli kept its original structure, with the six columns erected at the time of Pope Leo X.

The 6th-century Church of San Salvatore in Thermis was adjacent to the courtyard. In the decades between the 19th and 20th century it was first closed, then expropriated and finally pulled down to extend the building towards St. Louis de France Square. The church had been closed in 1894 after a bombing attack against the Chamber of Deputies, because the police feared it might be used as a base for a similar attack against the Senate.

The Staircase of Honour can be seen to the left of the porch. At least a part of it was rebuilt by Marucelli on the basis of the original 1509 plan. The ancient floor in travertine was replaced by a marble one.

A statue by Emilio Greco was placed in the centre of the courtyard in 1972.

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