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Integrated access to Senate and Chamber Catalogues

Unified point of access for integrated research in the collections of the Joint Parliamentary Library. It enables to consult one by one the Senate Library Catalogue and the Chamber of Deputies Library Catalogue (both since 1848).

The History of Italian Communes in the Senate Library is a collection of databases which may be searched individually or collectively. It includes sourced on Italian law and local history before the unification of Italy. To use the full potential of the search engine you will need Adobe Flash Player. This vast collection includes:

1. Catalogue of the Collection of Statutes (Chelazzi)

This is the digital version of the first eight printed volumes of this catalogue, including placenames from A to U. Bibliographic information on towns from V to Z are not included in the database, because the ninth and final volume is still awaiting publication.

2. Catalogue of the Collection of Statutes (update)

It contains the on-line updates of the eight printed volumes of the Catalogue of the Collection of Statutes. It presently includes placenames starting with A and B acquired since 1943 and therefore not referenced in the first volume of the printed Catalogue. The database will be regularly updated with current acquisitions and will soon be extended to placenames starting with C to U acquired by the Library after the date of publication of the individual volumes of the printed Catalogue.

3. Statutes

This database includes complete digital replicas of 150 handwritten and printed Statutes and Charters, chosen from amongst the most important documents of the collection. Documents are indexed chapter by chapter and bibliographical information on each document may be retrieved by following a link to such statute's description in the Catalogue of the Collection of Statutes.

4. Local History

Bibliographic description of ca. 1,200 volumes on local history published from the 16th to the 19th century. Frontispieces are provided from all volumes, along with replicas of the most significant etchings from the often lavishly illuminated volumes of the collection.

5. Communes and History

Constantly updated database of bibliographic material on charters and legislation of communes. It includes all bibliographic information on volumes acquired by Library relating to local statutes, governance and history. Selections from reviews and multi-authored publications and bibliographic information on local history monographs may be found here.

The Venues of Culture is a catalogue of publications of the Accademie e deputazioni di storia patria owned by the Senate Library.

The Bulletin of New Acquisitions provides a printed update to the Catalogue. Letters A, D and L placed next to each new title show respectively if such publication was bought by the Library (A), presented to it (D), or acquired under provision of law (L).

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