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Temporary Library Rules: Admission

Admission to the Library is by reservation only. Please make your reservation the working day preceding your visit, by and no later than 18:30: you will then receive a confirmation e-mail.

The following time slots are available for reservation: 9.30 - 14.00 and 14.30 - 19.00. You can reserve only one of the previous slots, however, it is possible to request on site for an additional slot in the afternoon, if available.

Reservation requests for days beyond the following one will not be accepted. If you would like to visit the Library on Mondays, please make your reservation on the previous Friday.

According to the national rules, the green pass is mandatory to access the library building.


1. Consulting the Library's bibliographic material and databases

  • If you would like to request for the Library bibliographic material in advance, please fill out the reservation form and send it to bibliotecaminerva@senato.it.
  • If you already have some material kept on your behalf you would like to consult, or in case you need to use the Library's databases, please make your reservation on this website. Please choose the following seat: CONSULTAZ. LIBRI IN DEPOSITO/BANCHE DATI, specifying that you either have stored material you would like to consult, or you need to search in our databases. If there are no slots available, please send us the reservation form, so that we can arrange a seat for you. Also available from App

2. Studying with one's own books that have to be consistent with the Library's collections disciplines and/or using pc workstations

Please, make your reservation online.

If you need a study seat, please choose one of the following: STUDIO LIBRI PROPRI, or STUDIO LIBRI PROPRI con WIFI; You need to indicate beforehand which of your books you would like to bring into the Library (up to two books, other than codes) so that they can be approved. You are not allowed to take any personal photocopy or lecture notes with you.

If you need a Pc workstation, please choose POSTAZIONI PC/LIBRI PROPRI.

Also available from App


You can always request for the Library's bibliographic material during your stay using the appropriate form you can find in the welcome page of the Library's computer workstations or, as an alternative, filling out the paper one. Library's online catalogue can be accessed either through our computer workstations or connecting to the Wi-Fi with any personal device.

Please contact us directly at the number: 06/ 6706 3717, or by e-mail: bibliotecaminerva@senato.it.


The Library of the Chamber of Deputies "Nilde Lotti" is now open as well. Please refer to this website to learn more about their admission procedures.

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