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Ask a librarian

Before you ask the Library, we suggest to consult the guides for researchers edited by the libraries of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies on their websites.

Reference service

e-mail bibl-info@senato.it

Reference librarians are willing to help researchers on demand.

To help us reply promptly to your request, please provide your telephone number. Response time may vary depending on the complexity of your request.

Replies may be given in Italian or English.

Rensponses to your research needs are drawn from local and remote printed and electronic sources, mostly from within the Senate Library and relating to the subjects our Library specialises in. Unless the nature of the study requires otherwise, we use Italian-language sources.

This service is not available in August, when the Library is closed to the general public.

You may obtain:

  • guidance to on-line and printed reference material;
  • quick reference on the matters in which the Library specialises; quick queries on the matters in which the Library specialises;
  • biographical and bibliographical assistance;
  • legislative information and Italian regulatory acts even if not available on databases accessible on the net (see Senate public DBs);
  • biographical information on Senators of past parliaments (limited to the Library's own resources; further information may be obtained from the Senate Historical Archives).

You may not obtain:

  • bibliographical guidance for dissertations and civil service recruitment tests;
  • book gifts;
  • book loans;
  • copies of books or documents which may be purchased from the Senate Bookshop;
  • legal counsel and the like;
  • information violating privacy legislation.

Information on Local History

e-mail fondispeciali@senato.it

In addition to general bibliographic information, you may obtain information on Italian history from the Library. This service draws from our specialised collections on local history: the Ancient Fund on Local History, the Collection of Mediaeval Charters, the Dalmatian Cippico-Bacotich Bequest.

You may e-mail the Library to get information on:

  • statutes and charters of cities, guilds, societies and local government in Italy from the Middle Ages to the present day;
  • monographs on the history of individual italian towns, published since the 16th century.

This service will be superseded by an on-line search engine enabling users to personally retrieve information from such texts.

We may unfortunately not accept requests to search for occurrences of a particular town in the whole body of a broader work.

For more specific queries, please refer to the table below:

To obtain…

… refer to:

Info and research on Archive material

Senate Historical Archives

Tel. +39 06 6706 4785


Research on and reproduction of parliamentary records

InformEduc@tion Centre and Bookshop

Tel. +39 06 6706 2505


Real-time updates on the progress of a bill and Senate business

Please see on-line databases or call Parliamentary Information Desk

Tel. +39 06 6706 3430


Information on Senate publications available for purchase

InformEduc@tion Centre and Bookshop

Tel. +39 06 6706 2505


Information on positions open in the Senate

Follow "Concorsi" in the Italian-language section of the site or call the Personnel Service

Tel. +39 06 6706 5107 or -5108)

contacts of Senators

Bio notes in the Italian-language section of the site ("I Senatori")

Additional informations