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The Senate and schools

In order to establish increasingly closer relations with citizens and make the Institution easily accessible, the Senate, in addition to the traditional forms of contact (Public guided tours and Attending debates ), has also devised innovative forms to interact with the new generations.

In particular, the Senate educational website with its e-Workshop, is designed to explain to children what the Senate does and how it works.

The Italian Senate is very active in promoting initiatives for schoolchildren in co-operation with the Education Ministry. There are contests for primary-, secondary- and high-school children that partially develop in the Senate and partially on the web. Registered schoolchildren and teachers can take an active part in the initiatives on the web making their contributions as members of the e-Workshop community, even if they are not winners of or participants in the contests. The purpose is to favour networking by creating a community that interacts. Now, after a first breaking-in period, results can be appreciated and, at present, such community is not only made up of schoolchildren and teachers but also Senators and Senate officers.

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