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Authorisation to use the Senate brand AutorizzazioneMarchioSenato@senato.it

Senate Bureau Decision nr. 24 of 16th December 2008 Disciplinare per l'uso del marchio del Senato della Repubblica ('Rules for the Use of the Brand of the Senate of the Republic'), published on Official Bullettin issue nr. 38 of 16th February 2009, provides for giving publicity to the registration of the Senate brand at the Patent and Brand Office of Rome and uses allowed.

The Senate shall take action, even legal if necessary, to defend its brand in the event of misuse.

Control on the use of the brand is exercised by the Secretary General through the Parliamentary Records and Institutional Communication Department - Institutional Communication Office. Upon initiative of the Secretary General, the Legal Affairs Department shall initiate all appropriate actions in court to stop the use of the brand, if necessary, and obtain compensation for damages due to misuse or non-authorised use, if any.

Disciplinare per l'uso del marchio del Senato della Repubblica (Delibera n.24/2008, published on the Official Bulletin of 16th February 2009)


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