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Write to the Parliamentary Information Centre

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Information on the state of bills and parliamentary business infopoint@senato.it

A Parliamentary Information Centre that answers questions on Senate business is available for the public.

Enquiries can be made about:

  • bills;
  • decree-laws submitted to Parliament for enactment;
  • government control activities (motions, interpellations, questions);
  • non-legislative activity (hearings, parliamentary investigations, fact-finding enquiries...).

Messages to Senators, members of the Chamber of Deputies or Government are not forwarded to them but must be directly sent to their mail boxes.

No answer is given to enquiries outside the province of parliamentary business.

In particular, no answer is given via e-mail on:

  • administrative acts of the Government and Ministries: circular letters, ministerial decrees, decrees of the President of the Council of Ministers, decisions of inter-ministerial Committees (CIP, CIPE, CIPI, etc...). Information on these acts can be retrieved through Istituzioni italiane; all that is published on the Official Bulletin can be found on the site Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato; the texts of legislative decrees from the 13th Parliament can be found on the site Parlamento italiano ("Delega al Governo");
  • European Union documents (directives, regulations, treaties) can be found through Parlamenti nel mondo e altri siti esteri;
  • all laws passed by the Regions and the activity of regional Governments and Councils can be found on the sites of the individual Regions ("Enti locali" on the page Istituzioni italiane);
  • information on case-law (sentences of the Constitutional Court, sentences of the Supreme Court of Cassation, sentences of the administrative courts, etc...) can be found through Corte suprema di Cassazione: Centro elettronico di documentazione.


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